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"Tree of Dreams"

Bronze and fiberoptics, wall relief 14ft tall x 16ft wide, Valley Hotel, Homewood, Alabama, 2021

Brad Morton on "Tree of Dreams"

The 'Tree of Dreams’ is representative of a special place within us all where we safeguard and uphold our dreams and aspirations…private to each of us, but universal among us all.


Each ring or “leaf” on the Tree is symbolic of a dream we have had in our lifetime.


There are some dreams that stand out among all the rest; special dreams that keep our hopes alive.

Untitled_Artwork 90.png
2021-07-23 Brad Morton Tree 0001.jpg
2021-06-18 BM Tree Progress Edits-67.jpg
2021-06-18 BM Tree Progress Edits-55.jpg
2021-06-18 BM Tree Progress Edits-5.jpg
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